Follow Your Guiding Star

I am a romantic and dreamer at heart. To me there is nothing more moving than taking a moment to absorb the beauty and breadth of the night sky. The glimpse of a shooting star always makes my heart stand still for a rare moment of bliss.
The magic hour when early evening turns to dusk and the moon rises is truly dreamlike, especially here in Bermuda where more often than not the sky is streaked with a thousand shades of pink.
There is very little light pollution on the island and it is a wonderful place to stargaze. Cooper’s Island - a nature reserve in the East End spanning 12 acres of coastline - is a particularly magical place for it. But you don’t necessarily need to go that far. Simply lie down on any of our beaches and look up. 
Earlier this year I was driving home from the studio when I spotted the moon in the distance, glowing bright in all her glory. I got completely sidetracked by her beauty and rather than continuing on my usual route, I followed her from beach to beach, mesmerised by the glow of the moonlight on the water along the South Shore.
April’s full moon always has a special place in my heart as she is known as the Pink Moon.  So called not because her colour but because it heralds the start of spring and the blossoming of pink wild flowers on the ground – a harbinger of abundance yet to come. The Pink Moon also represents re-birth and new beginnings, a chance to release what no longer serves you, to re-charge and create new habits; something which I always try to honour.

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A truly beautiful message 💕

Elecia January 09, 2020

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"Bermuda is a magical place, and I am dazzled by its beauty!  My jewellery investigates tiny, beautiful details found on this island and transforms them into lasting treasures."

~ Alexandra Mosher