Bermuda Textured Hoops

Elements of Land and Sea incorporated into elegant Bermuda Textured Hoops

These earrings are a part of the ultimate feel-good collection. Feel empowered and unique while wearing these one-of-a-kind handcrafted hoops with a Bermuda flair. Hoops symbolise wholeness, unity and infinity which will correlate perfectly with your love for Bermuda.

One of the lightest pieces of jewelry you can wear, and it holds so much meaning. These playful hoops can be your go-to when looking to add to your jewellery wardrobe. If you’re looking for a statement piece to complete your outfit, these Bermuda Textured Hoops will speak for themselves.

Handcrafted IN SILVER & GOLD

In Two Ultra-Wearable Sizes



2.5 cm hoops



Nature's Elements made Tangible and Wearable


Inspired by the feeling of riding the ripples on Bermuda's tides, the smooth waves glistening in the sparkling sun. These hoops bring the breezy, airy, whimsical feel of Bermuda to life in a wave you can wear.


One of Alexandra's signature design motifs, these sparkling hoops are inspired by luxurious caviar, the fish roe delicacy often enjoyed with champagne. Upgrade your ordinary hoops to this elegant, ocean-inspired style.



It's almost as if you can hear the sounds of the ocean while you're wearing these hoops. Bermuda's underwater landscape is covered with coral reef, and these hoops are a unique reminder of the island's precious marine life.

Cedar Sprig

The ultimate Bermudian nature-inspired hoop, showcasing the detail of the cedar sprig's woven grain. This hoop was created using a clipping of the young tree's delicate tip, forever turned to treasure as hoops.



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Hoops ~ Caviar Large
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Hoops ~ Caviar Small HuggiesHoops ~ Caviar Small Huggies
Hoops ~ Caviar Small Huggies
Sale price$185.00
Hoops ~ Caviar Large in Gold
Sale price$980.00
Hoops ~ Caviar Small Huggies in Gold
Sale price$400.00
Hoops ~ Cedar Sprig Large
Sale price$245.00
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Hoops ~ Cedar Sprig Small HuggiesHoops ~ Cedar Sprig Small Huggies
Hoops ~ Cedar Sprig Small Huggies
Sale price$185.00
Hoops ~ Cedar Sprig Large in Gold
Sale price$1,200.00
Hoops ~ Cedar Sprig Small Huggies in Gold
Sale price$660.00
Hoops ~ Coral Large
Sale price$245.00
Hoops ~ Coral Small Huggies
Sale price$185.00
Hoops ~ Coral Large in Gold
Sale price$1,050.00
Hoops ~ Coral Small Huggies in Gold
Sale price$420.00
Hoops ~ Melt Large
Sale price$245.00
Hoops ~ Melt Small Huggies
Sale price$185.00
Hoops ~ Melt Large in Gold
Sale price$900.00
Hoops ~ Melt Small Huggies in Gold
Sale price$400.00

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