Bermuda: An Artist's Muse

Bermuda is a magical place and I am dazzled by her beauty! My jewellery investigates tiny, beautiful details found on the island and transforms them into lasting treasures.

I can’t help but find artistry everywhere I look. The Bermuda I see provides me with endless inspiration and I am so grateful to call this island home.

 I feel most at peace by the ocean and I am always inspired by our island’s abundant flora and fauna – both above and below the shoreline! 

The pink sand pieces for which I am most known are my personal interpretation of a bespoke Bermuda gemstone. The original idea came to me in a dream about a boiler reef - one of the many small, independent reef formations which surround the island. 
I vividly remember seeing the reef from above in my dream and being mesmerised by the shapes that the water created as the waves broke over the surface and then splashed out again.
I tried to capture that magical moment in time with the Reef Collection - one of my very first collections. It was my way of distilling my vision and it gave birth to many of my signature pieces.

I love to wander the beaches along Bermuda’s South Shore where the pink sand washes up - a combination of organic matter unique to our island with its signature hue and texture. Warwick Long Bay is one of my favourite places to go and bask in the wonder of its intricate beauty.
I am in awe of Bermuda's grace. Every piece that I make is a reflection of the raw and organic elements found in her natural habitat, each with its own unique story to tell.

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