The Making of The Icons Collection

The Icons Collection, like most of my jewellery, began life as a series of sketches. I am never happier than when sitting and sketching new pieces! I always start with a pencil drawing which I then finish with a splash of watercolour.

 Once I had all my ideas down on paper, I carved the sketches into wax models which I then filed and sculpted by hand. This is all done in the workshop which lies behind the linen drapes our award winning Flagship Store and Studio in Hamilton.

 There, I worked closely with my team - a highly skilled set of Bermudian artisans and craftswomen - to bring my visions to life, including two sand fairies who meticulously set the pink sand, grain by grain.

 When it came to photographing the Icons Collection, I knew that Bermuda’s flora would make the perfect backdrop. The palmetto leaf - the only palm tree indigenous to our island - was our starting point. From there I collected leaves of different shapes and sizes to play around with scale and texture.

 I spray painted the leaves in myriad shades of white to create a soft, textural feel; before tying them together in different arrangements, creating a set for the models to stand against.

After the shoot, I dismantled the set we had built and re-arranged the leaves into various window displays at our Flagship Store. I’ve also created little vignettes throughout the boutique. Next time you’re in Hamilton be sure to pop in and check them out. I hope you’ll agree that it looks gorgeous!

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Alexandra – I love the new display and I didn’t know palmetto leaves are indigenous!!!! While I’m in FL now, my Daughter is on-isand. She’s the artist in the family! I SO wish that she could meet you. Your art is so inspiring. I wear your jewelry every day.

Kimberly Selley Paterson January 09, 2020

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"Bermuda is a magical place, and I am dazzled by its beauty!  My jewellery investigates tiny, beautiful details found on this island and transforms them into lasting treasures."

~ Alexandra Mosher