The Power of Words

Jewellery is the best way to carry the words that mean the most to you.

We believe that having a word of the year, or a "mantra" to reflect upon for the year is a powerful way to love yourself and to keep what you hold most important in mind all the time. Be it a person, place or a word that makes you feel inspired, safe, or simply amazing, we delight in personalizing pieces with your affirmation in mind.

“A mantra is like a key that can open a different dimension of life and experience within you. The key is what you should strive to become, only if you are the key can you open the lock.”  (Sadhguru)

Man- (mind). Tra- transport or vehicle. A mantra is an instrument that helps bring us back to a present state of mind, which reflects the power and meaning behind wearing a piece that brings you peace and grounds you, no matter where you are.

The Love Letters Collection

Personalize your own piece by having your mantra stamped on a pendant or bracelet.

Gemstones can also be incorporated to add even deeper meaning to your jewellery.

In addition to my Theo pendant, I ended up buying 3 new necklaces – the Bermuda inline with opal in rose gold, a rose gold Bermuda pink sand pendant and a rose gold pink sand heart. 😃 I think it’s safe to say I am obsessed haha. I never leave the house without an Alexandra Mosher piece on!

Katie D.

The Sun Flare Collection

Wear your words with the texture of Sunbeams and the sparkle of Pink Sand.

Bermy Vurds Collection

Simple shapes that bring life to your favourite sayings.

Have fun with it!

Jewellery is a personal expression, whether serene and serious concepts, or bad-ass intentions, they're YOUR words to live by.

If you need to remember you've got MOXIE, we're here for it!

If you want to reach op and feel the texture of the word STRENGTH imprinted into your day, we love that too,

Below are some of my earliest stamped pieces, a collection of shapes that we initially stamped Bermudian sayings onto, now used for every saying under the sun.

Go ahead, wear an airhorn stamped with ACE GIRL under yor work blouse.

We get you.

Keep Bermuda Close to Your Heart

Each Piece is handcrafted with love right here in our Hamilton studio, so you can give a gift that captures your Bermuda story.

Can this fairyland of a store be something like heaven and can we mortals help but keep collecting bits and pieces of what I believe is the most special place on earth? Really, thank you for sharing your fairy dust beauty with us all!

Ellen P.

Take a Piece of Bermuda With You Everywhere You Go

Designed & Sculpted by Alexandra

Handcrafted in-house by Bermudian Women

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