Getting to be a part of a couple's love story has been a singular joy for me since I started Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery. For this special couple, we had the absolute joy of being guests at their wedding and witnessing their special day. Now, we could not be more thrilled to celebrate the beautiful Peter & Christina. As we celebrate their love and reminisce about their picturesque wedding day, it's been so fun to reflect on the beautiful wedding day looks and gifting moments we worked with Peter and Christina to create.



Let's start from the very beginning with the custom design of Christina's gorgeous engagement ring! The center diamond is surrounded by a cluster of milky pink fancy cut diamonds and pink and white brilliant cut diamonds. We wanted the cluster to feel like a little sculpture from under the sea. The shell details flanking the stone are impressions from a vintage Bermuda shell given to me by a friend of the couple. The pic of the tiny pink speck in a circle is me looking through my microscope to sculpt the barnacles for each of the six side stones. This project was so exciting for me, and working with Peter was fantastic.


In addition to Christina's Bermuda shell-inspired custom engagement ring, we helped the couple select Bermuda-textured bands so they can take a piece of Bermuda with them wherever they go. Though the wedding was on the beautiful island of Nevis, native Bermudians Peter and Christina loved having a piece of Bermuda with them as they started this new chapter.

The Beautiful Bride

Then there is the beautiful bride! What an honour to complete her wedding day look with necklace and earrings from our Pearl Collection.

Bridal Party Jewellery

We also had the joy of putting together the Bridal Party Jewellery. This is such a lovely way to unify everyone's wedding day looks and makes the perfect gift to say thank you to the people who make your day so special. Necklaces for the Bridesmaids and cufflinks for the groomsmen were waiting in their suites on the morning of their special day.

Where Are They Now?

Since their wedding, keeping in touch with the couple and watching their lives bloom has been an absolute joy. They've since had a daughter who happens to be close friends with my own, and we always look forward to visiting them at Peter's new restaurant, The Botanist, which I couldn't recommend enough!