Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

Nautical ~ Bermuda Fitted Dinghy (Small) Stud Earrings


Modelled after Bermuda's iconic fitted dinghy, this sterling silver and Bermuda pink sand rendition of the quick and agile sailing vessel is a symbol of the continuance of a tradition of boat design that stretches back to the earliest part of the 17th century.  

• Available in sterling silver set with pink Bermuda sand

• Boat measures 21mm wide x 25mm high

• Pictured below you will see a glimpse of Alexandra's design process. Follow on Instagram to see her new designs unfold in real time

If you have any queries about this piece or ordering online, please don't hesitate to enquire at 441-236-9009 or We'd be delighted to help you pick the perfect piece.

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