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Reef ~ Lagoon (Large) Pendant


Bermuda's barrier reef coral "boilers" are small, rounded reefs that extend to the sea surface and have waves continuously breaking over them which makes the water look as though it is boiling. Tiny bits of pink coral naturally break off these reef formations, creating Bermuda's famous pink sand.

My intention with the Bermuda Reef Collection is to capture the essence of Bermuda's boiler reefs as a tiny wearable treasure. Each piece in the collection is hand carved and cast, polished then finished in my Bermuda studio using the finest jewellery-grade resin, pink coral sand and sterling silver.

5 cm high, 3 cm wide, .75 cm deep

If you have any queries about about this piece or ordering online, please don’t hesitate to enquire at 441-236-9009 or We’d be delighted to help you pick the perfect piece.

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