Tour Options for The Loren

Our Story

Our whimsical Flagship Store & Studio is a picturesque sanctuary filled with tiny, fascinating pieces of handcrafted jewellery.

Our team is dedicated to helping people find a little bit of magic and inspiration to remember their amazing memories of Bermuda.

Located on the chic west-end of Front Street in Hamilton, the shelves at our Flagship Store are bursting with original jewellery, unlike anything you’ve seen before. From Sterling silver pendants and charms set with pink sand to gold shell-textured diamond engagement rings and countless delicate designs in between, our team handcrafts jewellery that reflects the natural elements found in the island’s clear blue waters and lush tropical gardens.

Alexandra is known for her innovation, passion and lighthearted design whimsy. In fact, her collections have won numerous awards. Alexandra most recently won the Bermudian Magazine’s “Best Local Jewellery Designer” award and the “Best Commercial Interior Design” award for her new Flagship Store & Studio.

The Loren Tour Options

We would love the opportunity to host guests of The Loren, and have designed some tour ideas around experiences which are sure to delight and inspire.

Join us at Alexandra Mosher’s Flagship Store & Studio, home to Bermuda’s renowned jewellery artist who designs, sculpts and makes all of her pieces onsite, alongside a team of Bermudian women. Each high-quality design is Bermuda inspired, allowing for locals and tourists to bring a little piece of Bermuda everywhere they go.

Enjoy a guided tour through each stage of production starting with Alexandra’s private studio and workbench through to the final stage where each piece is set in either silver or gold.

Come on a journey with us and learn about the story of each collection and find which piece you connect to the most along the way.

Next Steps

These suggested tours can be customized to your liking. Group pricing is also avaliable. Please reach out to Megan and to book, or for additional information and customization.