I am looking to schedule a meeting to receive and learn about our DISC profiles.

This meeting should have happened shortly after the assessments were completed, so please accept my apologies in the amount of time that has since passed.

The meeting will take place during the week of April 29.

There are 9 options for the meeting in this survey - but we will meet on only one of them, so please list all dates/times you can be available.  The more team members we have in attendance, the more enjoyable and valuable the meeting will be!

As much as I don't want to ask for everyone to come in early or stay late, please bear in mind that we need to find a time that has the least amount of impact on our regular store hours, so I ask for your flexibility when listing your availability below. 

As an added incentive, a light breakfast with coffee will be provided at a morning meeting, and a light snack with wine will be provided at an evening meeting.

Thank you!