The past few weeks have been a flurry of resolutions and goal setting around here!  However, as a rule, I generally don’t subscribe to the resolution thing, and my goals are set far more frequently than once a year.  What I think about at this time of year is the most refined version of intention-setting I can think of. Every year I create a mantra – the lens through which I want to see the year. It’s my vision, my own version of rose-tinted glasses. Over the years my Mantras have been vital in guiding me personally as well as inspiring my team at the studio.

For me, the power of a mantra is as a simple daily reminder, an ever-present mood for the year.  I need to wear mine, otherwise I’m apt to forget it by May. A few years ago, I stamped “WONDER” onto one of my BermyVurds shapes as a reminder that I wanted to live in wonder, and to create a sense of wonder for others.  The daily message was simple and profound.

If you don’t yet have a mantra for the year, here’s how to find yours for 2020.

Go wide. Dream big. Write out your aspirations. Think about how you really want to feel. Flip through a magazine and cut out words that pull on your heart. Write it out, create a Pinterest board, save images on Instagram and pull it all together in one place. I’m a fan of having a good old-fashioned collage-style vision board stuck up on the wall over my bench.

Once you’ve dreamed wide, narrow it back down. Is there a feeling that sums it all up? A short phrase? Go back through your lists and visuals and find an overarching theme. Use a thesaurus if you’re not quite there yet. You’ll know when it’s the right mantra.

You could write your mantra in a journal or stick it to your bathroom mirror, but if you carry your mantra with you every day, when things get tough, you have that reminder of what you really want for yourself. You could get a new tattoo, but I find inscribing a beautiful piece of jewellery to be a little less scary! I’ve pulled together all my customizable pieces into one edit, and made some samples pieces with meaningful mantras to spark you if you’re stuck for inspiration:

To go along with the Mantra edit I’ve added a new gemstone selection, all of which are gorgeous colors and resonate so much elemental energy.  These candy-coloured gems can be clustered onto the same chain as your mantra pendant or nestle into a stack of necklaces. Pick gemstones that align with your mantra, such as chalcedony to create openness, labradorite for transformation or rose quartz to boost self-esteem. I’ve hand-selected the gems and written about their energy to make it easy for you to add on.

Tell me in the comments below, what is your mantra for 2020?

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~ Alexandra Mosher