Bermuda Up Close : Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

As a Bermudian I have spent my life being completely inspired by the island I call home. Its many natural beauties have always served as a place of respite & curiosity, and always begs me to look closer and discover tiny curiosities.

For years I have been translating my love of the island into my jewellery, as a way to share a little piece of Bermuda with the world. Now, in this new BERMUDA UP CLOSE series I am so excited to highlight some of my favourite spots and little treasures around the island. To start, I invite you to explore Spittal Pond Nature Reserve with me and my family.

Alexandra Mosher's husband and daughter hike Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

bermuda up close

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is a 64-acre wildlife preserve that's home to verdant green spaces and endless Atlantic Ocean views. Everytime I look out onto the horizon I get a little recharge.

Alexandra Mosher's daughter plays on The Checkerboard at Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

The Checkerboard

On weekends it's where I can be found with my three-year-old daughter exploring places like "the checkerboard." It's a geological phenomenon so-named by locals since its limestone rock formations have eroded into a familiar criss crossing pattern. We jump from square to square, play in the tide pools and look at all the tiny living things scurrying around on the coast. It's the perfect playground.


Spittal Pond is one of my favorite places to take a closer look at the complex beauty of the Sargassum seaweed. Its tiny lace-like structures play a vital role in maintaining the ocean’s ecosystem and are a reminder that beauty is often found in the most unlikely places.

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