Three Ways To Say I Love Bermuda

For me, Jewellery has always been a way for me to explore and honour all the little details that make the Island so special. Whether it's the Iconic Bermudian motifs behind our Bermuda Icon Collection, or the Bermuda Textures in our Hoops and Bands, there is a little bit of Bermuda in everything I do.

To honour the island we love so dearly, we've gathered three of our favorite Bermuda collections, three different ways to say "I Love Bermuda."


The Bermuda Collection

Alexandra's stylised interpretation of Bermuda features sand from Warwick Long Bay . 


The Bermuda Coin Collection

Bermuda's shores are dappled with pristine beachies covered in beautiful pink sand. For this design I have created a modern piece with a clean, smooth edge and a detailed depiction of Bermuda. It's as if the island were swimming in a stunning sea of pink coral. I hope you love this new piece as much as I loved making it!


"I Love Bermuda" Icon

Show your love for our beautiful island in our new "I Love Bermuda" Necklace. I designed the island to incorporate my signature Reef texture, which sparkles under the shimmering sun, and added a little pink sand heart to accent it, so you can show your love for Bermuda wherever you go!