How I Translate Designs on Paper to Sculptures in Wax

If you ask me to sculpt the same piece twice, you'll never get it. Like like setting out on a journey with a vague destination in mind, with no GPS and only a map drawn on the back of a napkin, I begin to whittle blocks of wax into pretty shapes. What you see below are wax injections from each design's mold as I got so caught up in the carving process, I forgot to take photos of myself as I went! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post all about the lost wax casting process, which takes my wax designs into their metal form. It's an ancient process that is rarely used in an era of CAD design and 3-D printers. This is not that!

The Bermuda Kite

With little window panes for varying hues of pink sand, my kite sculpture took three attempts to get perfect! The frilly doily and sticks sit within the sand plane, the hummer hides the D-bail, and the signature Melt tail swings from the bottom of the piece.

Humpback Whale Pod

These two humpbacks are snuggled into a moving embrace. Tiny textured balls glisten on their heads and fins, and tiny stripes line their underbellies. Pink Bermuda sand will go inside the mama's belly, and the bail's placement makes them tilt slightly upward.

Bermuda Honey Bee

Like my existing lace collection, the little honey bee has open airy wings and a pink sand body. I changed the design to have two pink sand sections on the front and the stripes and upper body fuzz on the back. I can't wait for you to see it in metal!

Bermuda Cedar Sprig

The cedar sprig is naturally so gorgeous that the wax carving process was more about pruning, shaping, and assembling the berries than whittling down a block of wax with tiny blades. I formed each of the berry cups by dipping a ball on a pin into hot wax.

Coconut Palm Tree

Sculpting this little tree was so much fun! I love love love all things botanical, so carving the palm frond blades and the ridges in the trunk was like a walk in the park - which I did a few times to make sure I was getting it right as I went. Hope you love it!

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