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Men's Nautical ~ Bermuda Shorts Cufflinks


Living in Bermuda it is incredibly easy to get lost in its sea of colors. From the turquoise waters and pink sand to the rainbow (of color) you see walking down Front Street… businessmen in their Bermuda Shorts! While my inspiration often stems from the island’s fascinating flora and fauna, I’m just as captivated by traditions and cultures like these that make us who we are.

 An iconic staple piece in men’s fashion since the early 1900s, Bermuda Shorts were originally designed for the British army when they quickly realized a more suitable uniform was needed for the tropical weather. A short that ended above the knee was the solution, and although some considered the length inappropriate, Bermuda is the only country in the world where shorts are the national attire! With my Bermuda Shorts cufflinks, you can wear shorts all year round (and you don’t have to worry about showing too much leg). 

Alexandra's Bermuda Shorts measures 18.8mm wide x 17.5 high

If you have any queries about this piece or ordering online, please don't hesitate to enquire at 441-236-9009 or We'd be delighted to help you pick the perfect piece.

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