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Alexandra has had her studio in an eclectic variety of locations over the years.  Noteworthy studios have been set up in her parents' basement in Smiths, the front porch of Rock Island Coffee, the Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation and Bermuda Arts Centre in Dockyard, on a houseboat, spread out on the floor of a Brooklyn highrise, in the kitchen of her apartment at Belmont, and then in her home in Southampton.  In 2012 she expanded into a shop in Hamilton and has grown to have new team members assisting with both the boutique and the handcrafting of each jewel. 

Although we have a workbench for adjustments in our boutique in the Washington Mall, the real dirty work happens behind the scenes in our workshop just five minutes away. There we have a Metalsmithing Studio full of gems, tools, metals and machines (aka Alexandra's heaven!), the "Sand Box" where each jewel has its pink sand lovingly set by hand, and the Project Room in which we craft and paint our magical window displays, build cool things, and process online and wholesale orders. 

Alexandra still has her wax bench at home in Southampton, where she can sculpt teeny wax models into the wee hours with her husband and kitten, Sterling, nearby.