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Dreaming in Pink

Alexandra's Bermuda Fitted Dinghy is featured on the cover of this month's Bermuda Magazine! 

Our island paradise is the home of the 2017 Louis Vuitton America's Cup where the best sailors and the fastest boats from around the world battle it out in the Great Sound!

An artist all her life, in her twenties Alexandra Mosher’s preferred medium became precious metals, gemstones, and Bermuda’s iconic pink-flecked sand. Encapsulating a pinch of sand within the jewelry is her trademark, and when she opened her first store within the Washington Mall four years ago, people really began to take notice of her work. From textured rings imprinted with organic patterns like the wood grain of a palm tree, to abstract designs that reference Bermuda’s coastal elements like sea fans and boiler reefs, she creates wearable art inspired by the island and her already vast collection is continuously growing. Now she’s taking her brand to the next level, having just opened a new Flagship store at ​5 ​Front Street, a stone’s throw from the ferry terminal.

“I’m really exited about the new Flagship because it bring​s the store and the studio element into one site,” says Alexandra. The new location, which is three times the size of her Washington Mall boutique, ​has allowed Alexandra to move her workshop on site. Creating bespoke pieces for clients is an important feature of the business and the new space will also contain her design studio, where she can ​carve new creations and ​hold ​private ​consultations​ with clients. 

 “It’s an evolution of our collection and our brand. The space​ and​ the environment ha​ve​ a more refined finish,” says Alexandra. Overall, customers can expect a more sophisticated whimsical shopping experience than what her first boutique offers. Large windows allow for natural light to illuminate the store and elegant touches include the vintage jewelry display cases, which date back to 1897. The store’s threshold also features a beautiful mosaic created by local artist, Nikki Murray-Mason, using various shades of tile to reflect “undulating tid​e​ pools of pink sand.”

T​he new location isn’t the only thing that Alexandra has been busy designing. She’s eager to tell me about her new Nautical Collection, inspired by the America’s Cup events transpiring this month. Her stunning pieces reference our rich maritime history, and on our cover this month is the Bermuda Fitted Dinghy pendant she’s created. Cast in silver ​or​ gold, the iconic sailboat symbolizes a tradition of boat and ship design in Bermuda that stretches back to the earliest decades of the 17th century. The sail is filled with pink sand and the pendant is available in four different sizes, but there’s still more to come. “Having seen these magnificent boats practicing​ on ​the​ Great Sound over the past year, I have been investigating the feeling of sailing, water, wind and ​the ​sheer speed of these vessels.  I intend to deconstruct the concept of sailing visually ​and ​encompass those elements in my new abstract collection.” 

“Bermuda is a magical place - a Wonderland of sorts, you can’t help but be dazzled by its beauty!  This little island paradise lingers with you and leaves you yearning for more.  My jewellery investigates the tiny treasures found in our exquisite environment and the nuanced details you might otherwise overlook.”

~ Alexandra   

Article written by: 

Brigitta Wohlmuth

Bermuda Magazine /

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