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Applause! Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery's Awards



Award of Excellence: Alexandra Mosher

Bermudian artist and jewellery designer Alexandra Mosher’s new store in the Washington Mall has been described as a “wonderland of treasures.” The dreamy 450-square-foot boutique has an abundance of fine silver, gold and gemstone jewellery all hand-crafted by Mosher, who can often be found in her corner workshop space creating something beautiful. She first launched her jewellery line in 2005 and she now has both local and international clients eager to wear her latest elegant creations. 

While Mosher has studied at some of the top US universities, her inspiration definitely comes from her island home. The majority of her custom creations reflect some aspect of Bermuda’s flora and fauna, with her pink coral sand pieces being especially popular with visitors and locals alike. Mosher creates the moulds—often of shells and large gemstones—and then casts, polishes and finishes the work herself in her studio using high quality sterling silver and gold. Her distinct style, truly Bermudian inspiration and highly professional business sense has earned Mosher the highest of praises from our judges this year. 


Local Jewellery Designer:
 Alexandra Mosher

Inspired by the island’s natural beauty, artist and jewellery designer Alexandra Mosher has been steadily building a name for herself with her stunning jewellery collections. Mosher is best known for her Bermuda-sand pieces, each hand-cast in her studio using jewellery-grade resin, pink coral sand and sterling silver, and sold both online and at her new Washington Mall store. 



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