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About the Jewellery



Bermuda’s fine pink sand is one of the island’s most distinctive natural wonders.  I create my own molds often casting interesting found objects such as shells and large gemstones. Each piece is hand cast, polished and finished in my Bermuda studio using the finest jewellery-grade resin, pink coral sand and high quality sterling silver.

Care instructions for your Pink Sand jewellery:

Resin is a kind of plastic, so it can be cleaned with water and hand or dish soap. To protect against scratches, store your Splash or Reef Collection jewellery wrapped in tissue or cloth to protect it.  It's best to not submerge your Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery pieces in water.  Just take it off before bathing or showering, or dunking in the sea.  If it rains on you, fear not.  The goal is to not get any water under the edge of the resin to prolong the life of your piece.  Should anything happen to the piece, just let us know and we will repair it for you. 


Keep Sterling Silver form Tarnishing:

The secret to preventing tarnish on sterling silver is to keep it clean, store it sealed off from air, humidity and chemicals. Put your jewellery on after you have finished styling hair and make up.  If the sterling does tarnish, use a silver polishing cloth or mild silver cleaner and dry thoroughly.