Introducing my Breakthrough Ornament & Impasto Collection 

As an artist, I feel as if ideas come through me like waves. Some flow gently, and others roar in and take me by surprise. In this piece, I’ve captured the joyous feeling of being swept up in that wave, embracing the beautiful moment when our pink sand is drawn up into a wave’s curve. 

As I was making the ornament, I painted dozens of waves with molten wax, and I imagined what it would be like for a paint stroke to be free from the canvas and be its own sculpture. I hope that as they hang from your tree or close to your heart, my Breakthrough Ornament and Impasto Collection remind you that you are the artist in your life, and that you have the power to create whatever you want, every day.

Tori wearing the Mini Breakthrough Inline Necklace, Small Impasto Studs and Mini Breakthrough Chunky Bracelet

The Breakthrough Ornament

Alaiya wearing the Breakthrough Ornament with Large Impasto Stud Earrings, the Mini Breakthrough Inline Bracelet, Small Impasto Rolo Bracelet, and Coral Caviar Rings

Pink Friday Surprise!

While these days I'm far more comfortable working in wax with sculpting tools than I am with paint and brushes, I was so taken with investigating the energy around artistic breakthroughs and the impasto painting technique that I was moved to make one!  

I will include one of my "Joy Comes in Waves" prints for every item purchased through Monday, November 26th (while supplies last). 

I hope it brings you a warm and wonderful feeling that anything is possible! 

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