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For Children


The Angelfish is a new addition to my Splash Collection. Angelfish are found in Bermuda waters and love hiding in reefs. They are stunning to watch and I just love their hues of blue and yellow and the way they glide beneath the sea.My Splash Collection captures the essence of Bermuda's stunning pink beaches in a tiny wearable piece of...


I’ll take mine with a side of caviar. These tiny studs are a staple piece for you, your mom and your daughter. Looking for something a little bit bigger? Have a look at this style in large!   DETAILS: • Sterling Silver set with pink Bermuda Sand • Tiny circle dimensions are 6mm x 5.5mm


My intention with the Splash Collection of pink sand jewellery is to capture the essence of Bermuda's stunning pink beaches as a tiny wearable piece of art. Each piece in the collection is hand crafted from start to finish. I first design and carve each model in wax, then the form is cast and polished before my team of Bermudian...