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Under the Sea ~ Small Link Pearl Bracelet


Alexandra has blended visual elements from her Melt, Caviar and barnacle pieces into one tiny visual wonderland for her "Under the Sea" collection. 

This bracelet is adjustable, and features ivory freshwater pearls set between three shiny sterling sliver Under the Sea links. The pearls featured in this piece are button shaped and can range from 5.5mm - 6.5mm.

Our freshwater cultured pearls are ethically sourced and passed through the highest quality grading standard. Pearls may vary in shape, size and color ranging from shades of white, cream and pink.

It is also available in oxidised sterling silver made with a darker hued pearl, and while we don't have an image of this yet, you can see the look here on a similar piece on instagram.  

If you have any queries about this piece or ordering online, please don't hesitate to enquire at 441-236-9009 or We'd be delighted to help you pick the perfect piece.

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