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Splash ~ Rare Bermuda Shell 2014 Ornament / Pendant


When inspiration struck in September, Alexandra spent time at BUEI in the Jack Lightbourn Shell Room sketching and learning about Mr. Lighbourn’s prolific collection. She chose the murex shell called Pterynotus Lightbourni as her favourite, without knowing it was also Jack’s favourite. 

“The staff at BUEI welcomed me into their gorgeous shell exhibit, and also down into their education rooms, where I could examine, measure and marvel at shells you don’t often see washed up on the beach,” says Alexandra. 

“We were delighted when Alexandra reached out to BUEI to get inspiration for her Rare Bermuda Shell collection. Our Jack Lightbourn Shell room, with over 1200 shells, is a very popular exhibit at BUEI and there are many fascinating stories contained inside each mollusk!” said BUEI Marketing Manager, Belinda Barbieri. She continued, “Jack will drop by or very kindly meet with groups at our request, and visitors are always delighted at the opportunity to meet and hear first-hand from the collector.”

Alexandra’s design process involves the ancient technique of lost wax casting; she first hand carves her designs in wax and then casts them in silver in limited numbers.

The result is a beautifully crafted ornament/pendant cast in Sterling silver, featuring pink sand and offset with a hand-torn silk chiffon ribbon or with an Omega chain.  Alexandra Mosher’s “Rare Bermuda Shell” ornament/pendant will put a Bermudian touch on your collection. 

My ornaments are designed to be enjoyed all year long! They add a sparkle to your tree during the holidays and you can wear them as necklaces for the rest of the year.  All purchases of my ornaments include a hook for your tree - go ahead and choose your chain for year-round enjoyment!

Hanging from the chain the shell measures 7cm tall by 4.5cm wide.

Click here to read the Royal Gazette Article by Sarah Lagan.  Royal Gazette photos courtesy of Nicola Muirhead. 

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