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Friends ~ Sand Dollar 2013 Ornament / Pendant


Cast in Sterling silver offset with Bermuda's gorgeous pink sand, the Sand Dollar is the perfect Bermuda piece! 

Alexandra has carved the sand dollar's surface texture to twinkle under the soft light of your tree with her signature handmade organic touch.  Please see process photos for a rare glimpse into her studio.   
It measures just under 2 inches round, and the sand flower spans about an inch across and just over an inch vertically. 

Whether you live on our fair pink shores or across the globe, this gorgeous piece will fill you with that warm spirit of Bermuda and all its magic! 

My ornaments are designed to be enjoyed all year long! They add a sparkle to your tree during the holidays and you can wear them as necklaces for the rest of the year.  All purchases of my ornaments include a hook for your tree - go ahead and choose your chain for year-round enjoyment!

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