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Bermuda ~ Twelve Sands 2017 Ornament / Pendant


For my 2017 ornament, I transformed our coastline, dotted with dramatic rock formations and secluded pink sand enclaves, into sandy silver droplets that radiantly catch the light.

I have always been fascinated by the varied characteristics of Bermuda’s gorgeous shoreline. The sand is dazzlingly pink on South Shore, shelly and white on North Shore, and there are even orange flecks on the beaches of the East End. 

My ornaments are designed to be enjoyed all year long! They add a sparkle to your tree during the holidays and you can wear them as necklaces for the rest of the year.  All purchases of my ornaments include a hook for your tree - go ahead and choose your chain for year-round enjoyment!


• Sterling Silver & Pink Bermuda Sand
• Measures 2.75" x 1.75" (7cm x 4cm)
• Please specify Ribbon, Hook or Chain under Chain Type.

The Twelve Sands are from the following Beaches:

  1. Shelly Bay
  2. Tobacco Bay
  3. St. Catherine's Beach
  4. Pink Beach
  5. John Smith's Bay
  6. Elbow Beach
  7. Warwick Long Bay
  8. Jobson's Cove
  9. Horseshoe Bay
  10. Church Bay
  11. West Whale Bay
  12. Somerset Long Bay

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