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Since we opened Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery nearly three years ago, designing our Christmas Window has been one of the most exciting projects of each year!  For this year's window we wanted to explore the secret worlds that we imagined were living INSIDE the beautiful boxes under the tree.  

Our phenomenal trio comprised of Hannah Emmerson, our metalsmith and jeweller by day, Eileen Frith, our studio production manager by day, and I.  These ladies are some of the most dedicated, talented, loyal and fun gals I have ever met.  I am so very grateful to have you on our team!  

To celebrate the season, we designed and made a HUGE Christmas tree that grows both inside and outside the shop windows.  Special permission was sought and granted from the lovely folks at the Washington Mall to let us "grow outside the box", and for that we are ever so thankful! 

Under the lower tree bows at the top of the window, we built up a huge stack of pink presents, carefully wrapped and tied with glee.  Floating at eye level, eight of these boxes reveal the secret world going on inside the presents!  Artfully hand cut shadowboxes display our most celebrated jewellery, set within the magical happenings we imagined were taking place inside those boxes. 


* * * * *


We hope that our window has inspired a sense of wonder in you. 

If you like it, please click here to vote for our window photo on the City of Hamilton Facebook Page.  

All you have to do is "Like" it there on Facebook by December 16th to vote!  


* * * * *


Behind the Scenes

Prepping at the Workshop

Gemma guarding the presents.
Eileen gets some wrapping help from her beau, the fabulous Alex Smatt!
Hannah makes twinkly light garland from evergreen tulle. 
Our pal Mikal Thomas jumps in to lend a hand!
Gemma gets involved.
Slicing the trunk in half
Fluffy bows
Eileen holds up one of Hannah's beautiful shadowboxes!
Gemma wreaking havoc. 
Fairy Light
Under the Sea!  

Everything in our window is handmade, mostly recycled, and pretty much all sourced from supplies in our own workshop.  

For the supplies we did purchase, many thanks to our pals at DNA Creative Shoppe, the Gorham's Lumber dudes, Rowe Spurling Paint, Qui-Ja Fabrics, and the Phoenix. 

No kittens were harmed in the making... no humans took naps. ;)


* * * * *


Installation Night

Dodging raindrops
Installing the Trunk
Attaching the Trunk
Beluga Bar break!
* * * * * 

Details of the Shadowboxes

All of which were artfully hand cut by Hannah! <3
* * * * * 
And once again, the finished Window!
We hope you can come by the Washington Mall and see it for yourselves.  For our friends overseas, we hope these photos bring you a little dose of Christmas in Bermuda!  
And the best news? Voting is open to everyone, wherever you are in the world.

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