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  1. Compass Rose ~ 2020 Ornament / Pendant
    Representing spiritual direction, awakening and discovery, this Compass Rose Ornament and Pendant will guide you through the journey unfolding before you. It is a symbol of hope, of choice, of consciousness in the matter. Ornament Details: Argentium Silver with pink Bermuda sand Dimensions are 65mm x 55mm Free International Shipping My ornaments...
  2. Sargasso ~ 2019 Ornament / Pendant
    Look closely and you’ll see the complex beauty of the Sargassum seaweed. Its tiny lace-like structures play a vital role in maintaining the ocean’s ecosystem and are a reminder that beauty is often found in the most unlikely places. My ornaments are designed to be enjoyed all year long! They add a sparkle...
  3. On Special!
    Impasto ~ Breakthrough 2018 Ornament / Pendant
    As an artist, I feel as if ideas come through me like waves. Some flow gently, and others roar in and take me by surprise. In this piece, I’ve captured the joyous feeling of being swept up in that wave, embracing the beautiful moment when our pink sand is drawn up...
    $155.00 $195.00
  4. Bermuda ~ Twelve Sands 2017 Ornament / Pendant
    For my 2017 ornament, I transformed our coastline, dotted with dramatic rock formations and secluded pink sand enclaves, into sandy silver droplets that radiantly catch the light. I have always been fascinated by the varied characteristics of Bermuda’s gorgeous shoreline. The sand is dazzlingly pink on South Shore, shelly and white on...
  5. On Special!
    Nautical ~ Anchor Ornament / Pendant
    This unsinkable accessory is elegant, taking inspiration from nautical and organic elements: a little art sculpture for the wearing and a favourite of mine. Set in sterling silver accented with pink Bermuda sand. My ornaments are designed to be enjoyed all year long! They add a sparkle to your tree during the holidays...
    $175.00 $195.00
  6. Reef ~ Wreath 2016 Ornament / Pendant
    ALEXANDRA'S MUSINGS "It seems that lately some of my stand alone collections are morphing together. It’s quite exciting to watch it unfold! My new designs are far more abstract than many of the pink sand filled shapes I'm known for. I've been giving myself more time to play, combining elements...
  7. On Special!
    Nautical ~ Bermuda Fitted Dinghy 2015 Ornament / Pendant
    Modelled after Bermuda's iconic fitted dinghy, this sterling silver and Bermuda pink sand rendition of the quick and agile sailing vessel is a symbol of the continuance of a tradition of boat design that stretches back to the earliest part of the 17th century. My ornaments are designed to be enjoyed all...
    $175.00 $195.00
  8. On Special!
    Splash ~ Rare Bermuda Shell 2014 Ornament / Pendant
    When inspiration struck in September, Alexandra spent time at BUEI in the Jack Lightbourn Shell Room sketching and learning about Mr. Lighbourn’s prolific collection. She chose the murex shell called Pterynotus Lightbourni as her favourite, without knowing it was also Jack’s favourite. “The staff at BUEI welcomed me into their...
    $175.00 $195.00
  9. On Special!
    Friends ~ Sand Dollar 2013 Ornament / Pendant
    Cast in Sterling silver offset with Bermuda's gorgeous pink sand, the Sand Dollar is the perfect Bermuda piece! Alexandra has carved the sand dollar's surface texture to twinkle under the soft light of your tree with her signature handmade organic touch. Please see process photos for a rare glimpse into her...
    $175.00 $195.00